John Kercher is a dynamic and accomplished executive with an outstanding record of success in the financial industry. Currently serving as the Executive Vice President at Firelight Mortgage Consultants, he strives to drive the company's growth and innovation to new heights. 


With a passion for delivering exceptional results, John's journey in the financial sector began at PNC Bank, where he demonstrated his potential in Wealth Management and Equity Analysis. This formative experience granted him valuable insights into the intricate workings of the financial world and set the stage for his career. From there, he ventured to HTLF, an innovative Mid-Size bank in the Midwest, where he demonstrated his potential in Corporate Banking, under the prestigious Emerging Leaders Program. Eager to make a significant impact, John's next endeavor was corporate behemoth U.S. Bank, where he flourished as a Corporate Banking Analyst, focused on deals with companies from $30Billion to $1Trillion in Market Cap. His keen eye for detail and an in-depth understanding of financial analysis and corporate client success drove significant profits for his multinational clients. 


John left the Corporate Banking world to make a significant difference in the lives of everyday Americans as opposed to corporate giants. Northpointe Bank welcomed him as a Mortgage Loan Officer, where he displayed his expertise in crafting tailored financial solutions for clients, earning their trust and loyalty. His tenure showcased his ability to excel in client-facing roles, a testament to his interpersonal skills. 

John's trajectory escalated him to Benton Capital Mortgage Lending, where he served as the Director of Advanced Lending. In this capacity, he brought his strategic vision and innovative approach to the forefront, driving the company's success and growth during his tenure.  

His recent appointment as Executive Vice President at Firelight Mortgage Consultants solidifies his position as a prominent leader in the mortgage industry. John has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, consistently seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and skill set. His passion for transforming the mortgage landscape, combined with his profound financial expertise and unparalleled dedication, make him a true force. As he continues to redefine mortgage excellence, his presence in the industry promises to shape a brighter future for families across the county. 

John Kercher V

Executive Vice President

NMLS #2176420


7887 East Belleview Ave, Ste 1100

Englewood, CO 80111 

Cell: 813.367.7234

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7887 East Belleview Ave Ste 1100
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